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Wholistic Chiropractic Care

Wholistic Chiropractic Care allows more normal function and alignment in your spine and helps the body to restore communication. It helps re-establish and maintain the CONNECTION between your brain and your body. You can then function and express life better, have a greater resistance to sickness and disease and release the potential to heal, recover and move toward wholeness.


Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Recommendations are given about lifestyle habits and nutritional deficiencies/imbalances as determined by your lifestyle history (stress, exercise, eating habits, etc.) and testing. The purpose is to provide you with the information and support needed to make healthier choices to provide your body with what it needs to function optimally and/or to eliminate what is interfering with it's potential to heal and function the way God designed it. You can then move in the direction of vibrant health and wholeness instead of dis-ease and death.


Health Classes & Events

We offer a variety of health classes and events, now available ONLINE, ranging from the most frequently asked questions to subjects including, but not limited to: Hormones, Detoxing brain, body & cells, Gut health, Raising a Family Naturally, Heart Support, plus many more.

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