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Holiday Hours

As Christmas approaches, we want to make sure everyone is able to get their adjustments, consultations and product pickups beforehand.

Dr. Amy will be out of the office enjoying her holidays from

December 23rd thru January 2nd.


New Testing Available

We now offer DUTCH testing through our office for a more comprehensive hormone panel.

Finding the cause of your health problems can be like a puzzle. Get more pieces to your hormone puzzle with DUTCH testing.


Spring Forward PART 1

It's almost that time again, to spring forward to more sunshine and longer days!

While many of us have found ourselves still slacking on starting our New Year's Resolution of a healthier lifestyle, Spring is a great time to take advantage of the renewal and refreshing that comes with this season of new beginnings.


Spring Forward PART 3

As we get ready to start a new month, one of the easiest ways to Spring Clean our bodies is to SHRED some old habits that are not benefiting us and replace them with life changing, healthier habits. This process has already been thought out and put together in an easy guide called Shred10.


What's Happening at TFH

Mother's Day...

If you missed it...

Walk-in Wellness Changes...


Summer Hour Changes Ahead!

We've had great success since starting Walk-In Wellness Wednesdays. We see that people love being able to stop by and grab products or test kits as well as getting in a quick adjustment for existing patients. Because of this, we want to vary the amount of days to make us even more available for everyone.


Time for your Mind, Body & Soul

Summer is a great time to focus on our self care. While not everyone will be able to take a vacation, we can create that serene environment in our own homes to unwind, recharge and rejuvenate. This can be done as simple as adding a few drops of essential oils to your bath water, diffusing throughout the home, and taking time to read and journal....


What About Them Kids??!

With the first day of school right around the corner, we want to focus on Children's health in general, not just school aged or public school children. 

As the saying goes:


"As the twig is bent, so grows the tree"


It's Fall Ya'll!!

Fall is a good time to remind us, with the changing of the seasons, that we may need to change our habits to continue to build healthy, happy bodies and lifestyles. With cooler temps on its way and less daylight fast approaching, now's a good time to enjoy your evenings outdoors. Because people tend to spend more time indoors with less daylight hours, it's important to add health hacks and supplements beyond just Vitamin D.


It's NOT Flu Season, It's STRESS Season

I'm sure you've heard "It's Flu Season" around this time of year.

Let me introduce you to this thought.....

"It's STRESS Season"

Reality is, these germs are around consistently throughout the year. 


I have what?!

We're continuously adding new testing to help get to the root causes of your health issues. During the -ber months we are focusing on longevity. Doing testing is an easy and quick way to get a full picture of what's going on under the surface before symptoms arise.


End of the Year Sale & Stress Tips

For the first time ever we're having an even deeper sale than last month. Through the whole month of December, we are having our

End of the Year Sale!


January Health Tips / Sale Items

Plan ahead, grab a healthy bar to take with you on the day when hunger strikes you're not tempting to buy junk from the vending machine.


February Product Highlight!

Although Dr. Amy has been in business for over 27 years, some people do not know all the services she provides.


💲April Promos | Spring Cleaning

And we're still Spring Cleaning this month! Take this opportunity to rack up on your favorite cleaning products and enjoy the benefits of both a cleaner home and a cleaner body!


New for '22

As one year closes in and another year begins, we want to wish you a Healthy, Happy and Blessed Year ahead.


Quick Reminder

We will be closed....

Our website has some very useful information under the RESOURCES tab.

Here you can find trusted companies for healthy products that Dr. Amy recommends and approves of. 


Spring Forward PART 2

Spring cleaning is not just about what we put in our bodies, but what is also around our bodies. Skin care, cleaning products and air fresheners are just a few that can either be helping clean up and detox your body and the environment or adding to your toxic load because of the unnatural chemicals.



If you've been in the office lately, you've seen that we've started pulling up our floors to begin repairing the damage. Unfortunately, nothing happens overnight and it looks like our new floors will not be arriving until summer time.


MAY-day MAY-day!!!

"After being told by a local farmer that it was impossible to grow organic produce in our Louisiana clay soil, Pitre Family Farm's mission became to not only have a better product for their own table, but also to provide local organic produce and products to the Houma/Thibodaux area.....


Grow Your Own Food With Ease

Spring planting time is here and we are ready  Love that our towers water themselves, require no weeding and are environmentally-friendly!  Inside or outside!  Year round or most of the year!


Happy Gardening!  Reach out if you have questions!


Happy 4th!

What does freedom mean to you? To me, freedom is having good health and physical fitness, to have no limits and do what I want to do physically. Spiritually and mentally, freedom means having peace of mind and rest for our soul. At this time, there are lots of things in our personal life, our country and our world that can weigh us down, make things feel heavy like chains are on us and not allowing us to have freedom in our life. What are some things we can do to experience more freedom in our health and daily lives?


Under Construction

Is it time for a remodel for your body? Do you need to restore parts of you that have been neglected or damaged over the years? No time like the present for an overhaul or makeover. Let's start working on creating a healthier environment, lifestyle and a new improved you. Every cell in your body will eventually be replaced. Will you provide better building material and a cleaner environment?


Up The D

Cooler tempts have arrived! With that comes less sunlight and more indoor activities leaving less opportunities to get natural Vitamin D through sunshine. This is the perfect time to really focus on not becoming a couch potato, but being proactive to get outside earlier in the day. Shorter days should not equate to less activity and movement. Because this may be difficult for some with work schedules and whatnot, this is the perfect time to implement a Vitamin D supplement.


November Deals

For the month of November, all products and gift certificates are 10% off!! Call or stop in during our office hours to get your health items and stocking stuffers at a great deal.


Don't Be A Cold Turkey

Colder weather can bring on stiff joints and decrease in circulation. Take time to be proactive, warm up and stretch your body to improve circulation to extremities, move stagnant lymph, and lubricate your joints.


Cold Weather Tip

Let's face it, us southerners are not used to this kind of cold weather.


Product Highlight & Sale

There's still time to join our Shred10 starting January 9th.

These products are on sale this month!

In office only, while supplies last.


💕February Health Tips & Sale Items

Give the gift of health to you and

your loved ones this Valentine's. 

Gift certificates available for services and products.

Bookkeeping packages available for the Mild HBOT, infrared sauna

and adjustments.


April | S.P.R.I.N.G.

It's Spring! And we're tackling both our bodies and our homes!

You have to both fuel the cell and clean it for it to function well. Just like a car has both a gas tank and an exhaust pipe.

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