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What is Thermography

Total Thermography is a functional assessment for men & women, based on thermoregulation and temperature patterns, where your body's automatic processes will work together to maintain a constant body temperature.  It is simply the measurement of temperature and provides a whole-body evaluation.

Total Medical Thermography is the FIRST and ONLY thermography facility to integrate Thermal Imaging AND Regulation Thermography into ONE assessment. 


Total Thermography is an excellent first step in health care.  You will gain insight into the underlying causes of your symptoms, and become motivated to follow through on a getting healthier. 


Empower yourself and learn How & Why you should have a Total Thermography Health Assessment.


"We can finally see what the body is doing

before it becomes dysfunctional enough to create an irreversible problem."

Dr. Schulz-Ruhtenberg, Minden Germany

With inflammation and stress at the top of the list for disease processes, Total Thermography just makes sense. The body is a whole connection, therefore just analyzing one region of the body to find out what is going on DOES NOT make sense.


Whether or not you experience symptoms, your health should be your number one priority. The question is, what are your options?


Total Thermography assessment may become your best tool  that will provide well care benefits.


How Does it Work

Specializing in Women's Health...but for men, too.                          


​Total Thermography is a measurement of temperature determined by influences of the nervous system's innervations to the capillary beds constricting or dilating in response to cool air. It can then show functional changes happening in the body before those changes become labeled as disease processes, and captures the performance of your organs, glands, and lymph, showing us where the body is struggling and giving us causal clues to symptoms that you may not even be feeling or noticing.


From immune challenges, to toxic overloads, such as heavy metals, to lymphatic congestion and toxicity,

Total Thermography prioritizes root causes to help make a plan of action that empowers your health goals.

For women, we specialize in Whole Body & Breast Health to empower women to a safer and more reliable assessment for breast care and our Total Thermography delivers just that.  We provide two different types of thermography assessments in one appointment so we actually assess your breasts twice for double confidence!

For men, it is a great assessment for Prostate health to empower men in their Whole Body & Prostate Health.  

Total Thermography allows us to look at all the many connections of the male body and what is effecting the prostate along with the dental connection. 



Benefits to you:

-  More Accurate, Comprehensive Assessment Process


-  Dynamic Mapping of Physiological Dysfunction & Inflammation 

-  Medical Doctors interpret reports 

-  Outstanding Report findings to help you, your physician and dentist

    in your total health

-  Easy to understand reports (all color reports)

-  Very Affordable

-  Consult included by one of our Naturopaths (in person or phone)

-  No Doctor referral required


What Does it Test

Total Thermography offers a full body assessment for both men & women. This innovative assessment is so power packed with information from your body's response, you will be ready to get your health jump started in the right direction. 


You will feel at ease knowing where to begin and then watching your body make the changes for better health. 


So who is the best candidate for this assessment?

If you are healthy..

You are a perfect candidate!


If you just got a diagnosis and want information from the alternative perspective...

You are the perfect candidate!

If you are post illness and are ready to make a change in your health...

You are the perfect candidate!

If you are pre/post menopause...

You are the perfect candidate!

Total Thermography is for everyone who wants to know how there body is doing in this toxic world that we live in. 

Below is a list of organs that are assessed, but we are also looking for your toxic load such as Heavy Metals, Viral, Dysbiosis, etc. 


Total Thermography 
Evaluates Your 
Physiological Health
Small Intestines
Large Intestines
Lymphatic System
Immune System
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